Innovative solutions for Detecting and Tracking systems
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Starcom is a private company established on the basis of the extensive experience and knowhow gained by its founders in the definition, design, development and production of innovative electro-optic tracking systems.


Starcom products include the following:

High performance Electro-Optic (CCD and IR) Sky Screen and tracking systems using computer aided analysis.


High accuracy Video Trackers with real-time graphics overlay.


Multi-Zone Intruders Detection and Tracking systems. This family of systems combine short-range Doppler Radar transceivers and Video trackers.


High sensitivity short-range Doppler Radar intruders detection systems.


Remote Access and Monitor of computer based systems. This family of products is also used for remote control, diagnose and maintain of personal computers.

About Starcom

Starcom’s unique team of professionals include specialists in the area of electro-optics, real time signal processing, video trackers and Doppler receiving systems. These specialists have over 25 years of experience in the field and with the common goal of how to meet customer's needs.


Starcom’s underlying motto is to deliver the finest quality product to the customer. The Quality Assurance System (QA) puts an emphasis on quality during all stages of the program. This is achieved by promoting communication and cooperation between each functional group. Our goal is not only to meet our customer’s expectations, but also to surpass them. Starcom’s QA System is ISO 9001-2015 certified.